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"Some of the most difficult topics are discussed in this forum; topics that other forums are simply too afraid to permit..."

"The Opinion Site forum is a fantastic platform to discuss sensitive but vitally important issues which are not allowed elsewhere. The forum is very secure and all members are super supportive and offer excellent, informed guidance for anyone who has fallen foul of the law in the UK." - M.T.

Over 3 million visitors have established as a major source of honest information that no one else wants to give you. Now you too can join our Members Forum.

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"I wanted help and advice on how to deal with a serious Work Programme problem. This was the only place I found any real help." - J.H, Herts

When a loved one is arrested, charged and is a shock, especially if you have no experience of courts, prisons, probation is upsetting frightening and very confusing, there is no one to help explain the horrors of the system, no one explains what any of it means!!! and that is where the opinion site members forum has an essential role to play in explaining the system and offering advice. The members are a network of help to one another.Long may it continue! " - Katie

"It's the only forum where I feel secure because it is in a protected members area..." - Testman

"It’s at times intensely moving, with people joining because they are in desperate need of informed and wise counsel..."
"The Forum they make their stirring and thought-provoking contributions upon is a precious space for intellectual liberty,  safe discussion and good-hearted solidarity – one of the few remaining such spaces in a State which is increasingly determined to regulate not only free speech but freedom of thought itself." - Peter

"I got the advice I needed straight from the forum and the follow up was brilliant." - M.L.

"Buzzing with intelligent and good-humoured debate about contentious issues that elsewhere would almost certainly evoke censoriousness and bigotry, it succeeds in being both passionate and compassionate..."

"Only members can view the forum. That's what makes it so safe and secure." - Bobjob

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Advice and support for CRB, SOR, SOPO, Work Programme, Crime...and you only renew when YOU want to. We NEVER automatically re-bill you!

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