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"At Last, The Inside Information About IPP Sentences That Will Shock You..."

"If you have a friend or loved one serving an IPP, they will not benefit from recent changes to the Law. However, this remarkable book can really empower you to help them!"


Dear Friend,

So, you need to know the truth about IPP sentences...

  • Do you have a friend or loved one serving an IPP sentence?
  • Are you fed up with not getting the information you need?
  • Do you believe the IPP to be unfair and unjust?
  • Are you angry at the "hidden" way in which the authorities really work?
  • Do you feel powerless to do anything about it? 
"Now, for the very first time, there is a breakthrough publication that gives all those trying to live with the effects of an IPP Sentence a fighting chance of success!"

"Despite recent changes to the Law, the government has made it absolutely clear that those already serving an IPP sentence will not benefit and will continue to serve their existing sentence."

"The sentence AND the minimum 10 year licence that follows release need to be completely understood if the offender and those close to him are to live a normal life again."

This unique, instantly downloadable book, of over 100 detailed pages is absolutely packed with vital information drawn from barristers, solicitors, prison staff, probation staff, prisoners and even judges!

What others are saying...
IPP Survival Guide from
"This lifts the lid right off  the nightmare situation faced by IPP prisoners..."
- Former Probation Officer

"We were in despair until we read this; now, there's hope"
-Mother of IPP prisoner

"Even my son's solicitor didn't know half this stuff..." - K.V.,Kent

"I'm so grateful..."
 - Mary
"I bought this in the hope that it would tell me stuff I didn’t know already. I was NOT disappointed! No wonder this information isn’t on ‘official’ websites. If it was, the system wouldn’t be able to get away with the things it does. It would not make any difference how much this book is, it would still be worth it. Can’t wait to tell my son on his visit!" - Paul

"Why don’t the probation tell you all this? It’s so unfair and this book is the only place I’ve been able to find any of this. Well worth the money." - Jacqui

"Thank you Mr Peytors for opening my eyes to the truth, even if it is rather more uncomfortable than I thought". - Peter

"Brilliant! All solicitors should read it." - Anne
"Now I know what i do, its really wrong that those who have an IPP don’t get told any of this. No wonder only a few have been released cos its almost impossible. I’m going to show my soilicitor this and tell him to get his finger out. I’ll tell you this,anyone who has someoneinside with an IPP should read this book. wish I’d had it 3 years ago." - Jen

The Indeterminate Sentence for Public Protection is probably the most criticised piece of legislation ever introduced under Tony Blair. It has been described as being... 

" of the least carefully planned and most badly implemented pieces of legislation in the history of British sentencing" 

Now, this shocking and unique publication from will at last give you the answers you want! 

Over 3.5 million visitors have established as
the #1 site for information on IPP sentences and how to deal with them! 

Why I wrote this "Inside Information" Survival Guide

I wrote  'How To Survive An IPP Sentence' in response to 100s of requests for information from people desperate for the truth! It's as simple as that.

"Families and loved ones need to know how IPP sentenced prisoners are really managed by the authorities and what can be done to achieve the best  chance of release...and that's information that the authorities can be reluctant to give"

Here's just some of the things you'll discover in this book:

What really has to be done in order to secure release!
 (Chapter 6)
Uncover how the IPP really works behind the prison wall!
 (Chapter 1) How to get powerful information that is not easily available!
 (Chapter 3)
Learn about the "hidden" reporting system!
 (Chapter 5)
How prison staff observe and report in readiness for Parole!
 (Chapter 4)
Information some authorities would much rather you didn't have!
 (Chapter 8)
How to Start preparing for release from day 1 of  the sentence!
 (Chapter 2)
The right way to appeal a bad decision!
 (Chapter 7)
How to use the system to best effect!
 (Chapter 3)
How to survive release in a secure probation hostel!
 (Chapter 8)
How NOT to get returned to prison when on licence!
 (Chapter 8)
How to make the probation service help you!
 (Chapter 5) much, much more

"This instantly downloadable book will ensure that you completely understand the IPP sentence and its hidden consequences. Unlike the ‘official’ documents, it can really help you and those dear to you to survive the IPP and the 10 year licence that follows it."

PLUS – as an original purchaser you will get automatic, FREE updates on developments to the IPP, ensuring that you will always be up to date with any changes that are made!

Important: This is the only publication of its kind and is not available anywhere else! 

"...How To Survive An IPP Sentence is packed with never before published information that is not available on official websites, help sites, in libraries or even on the Ministry of Justice website itself!"

  • ‘How To Survive An IPP Sentence’ is designed to give people the information that nobody else will; shocking information that is absolutely vital if an IPP prisoner is to stand any real chance of release.
  • No legal jargon, no padding, no long 'case histories'. Just good, down to earth, solid, helpful advice...and information that you just won't get anywhere else - not even from a solicitor!
  • The book also explains the 'hidden' effects of the minimum 10 year licence that follows every IPP - information that the probation service are reluctant to release!

"Seriously, if you have someone dear to you inside serving an IPP or if you need to know more about the way IPPs really work, you need this book..."

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I really hope this book helps you and those dear to you . . . especially those already serving an IPP and who are unfairly left unaffected by the recent changes to the Law.

Warm regards,

P.S. - This book will give you vital information that you simply cannot get elsewhere. I really do believe it will help you and your loved ones to get through this most difficult period in your lives, hence the reduced price for a limited period.

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